Players embarked on the Loop Breaker Quest on July the 27th in the year of 2021.
These noble adventurers used a special palette and explored the theme of "Loop Breaker" - using creativity to alter a thought cycle.  

Huey's Quest continues...

Written by Chris Dock
Illustrated by Lyle Lewis

On his way to deliver the Orb of Night Gem to the Guardian of the Moon Palace, Huey comes upon a glowing blue ladder leading to a small portal. A kind and familiar voice asks for Huey's help on the inside. Without thinking twice, Huey climbs in. Now, Huey is trapped in a digital prison where his looping anxieties are becoming the life force spawning a cyborg version of himself.

The only way to break the loop code and shatter the digital cage is with the power of imagination, but Huey's abilities are being blocked inside the grey room. Let’s see what happens when a group of artists work together to generate a beam of concentrated imagination aimed at freeing Huey.

Aseries of bright flashes on the other side of Huey's cage allows him to see just outside the room where he is contained. It is an extravagant laboratory filled with all kinds of futuristic technology retrofitted to various antiques. "What kind of cruel freak made this trap?" thinks Huey (a part of him would dig the funky aesthetic under different circumstances).

The digital prison Huey is trapped in has his mind looping in dark circles. It's hard to think straight and focus on how to escape. Each time Huey's mind loops due to the programming of his trap, the digital prison inside shakes and crumbles, making Huey feel more depleted.

The inverse is occurring just outside where a shadowy figure is gaining strength with each burst of colorful technological eruption. Huey pushes his face to the glass where he sees in the mechanical chair something he never expected.

The creative force that is being sent Huey's way sounds like beautiful living music and begins to replace the digital loop spammed by his capturers. As Huey regains his strength, his powers start to come back as well. He remembers his training and begins to quiet his mind and listen to the beyond. Huey's mind sends out gratitude to all those who have helped him on his path, amplifying the creative spirit. "T h a n k s."

Just outside the cage he is still contained within, Huey sees his foe glistening and new, smiling back at him. The energy stolen from our hero has been forged through alien mega-science into Hueybot! At this time, neither of them fully understand the rivalry they will have for the next century, the loss they will conjure upon each other, or the bond that they could share. Right now, all that matters is that Huey breaks out of his confines.

He focuses on the music of the creative force and gathers the energy into a forcefield around his body. Just like a magnifying glass to the sun, the creative force is focused into a beam that breaks through the twisted lab and starts scrambling the digital prison. As Huey focuses, Hueybot jumps into full counterattack pushing buttons and loading programs on his dashboard. *Bleep blop zeeesh zomp*

There is life force within imagination that is more vast than the universe itself. The words of the Guardian of the Moon Palace run through Huey's mind as he continues to grow the creative forcefield within and around him.

Hueybot frantically turns the dials up to eleven on the digital prison attempting to transfer all of Huey's remaining energy to him. It is far too late for evil to win this time. The overworked mechanisms cause the ship that contained the future-retro laboratory to fall to pieces. The creative song magic surrounding Huey grows louder and more powerful. Huey becomes like a magnet and absorbs the lab spaceship into the beam around him, converting the atoms of matter back into primordial essence.

Huey Breaks the final loop and shatters the cage that imprisoned him, which turned out to look like an old fashioned TV. "Hmm, this could be a clue to who created Hueybot," Huey thinks. No time to waste, Huey shoots into the cosmos and only looks back once he is far away. Hueybot floats using boosters on his paws and stares at Huey with a frozen smile. Hueybot speaks telepathically and says "I know all your memories. See you soon brother." He then disappears into shadows. Huey travels home to see his friends and rest.


Written by Brittany Bernstrom

As Hueybot's lab breaks apart, pieces of metal from the ship scatter across the universe. They shoot across the skies, burning fast and bright until the gravity of passing planets pulls them down. They fall. Small comets destined to settle on distant lands.

Fifty travelers separated by vast amounts of space & time, each attuned to the cosmic battle happening eons away, watch as they fall. Plink. Plink Plink. All separate but connected, they approach. As each person gets closer they find a small triangular piece of metal. It sits smoking in the ground.

As they cool, one by one, they pick up the strange trinket and pocket it. Perhaps this will be useful in the future.

*Players who participated in this round of Huey's Quest have won the Loop Breaker badge, which takes the form of a piece of Hueybot's lab. This badge will be displayed on future quests and will give special power-ups and advantages.