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plebe under ocean by Mariposa Rosa

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Plebe, under ocean
~ Plebe(P-Leh-veh : ˈple.βe) = people ~
I will search for my home, at top of the Espanola River Basin, in every place I go
I walk around, looking for the places that remind me of the red and white earth, hot
Antes rain made cold, feeding big sage and juniper, green

arroyos disappearing and reappearing

The rain comes to visit almost as often as I do now
Cottonwood trees along the Rio Grande older than sin
2 million years near the Rio Grande, sab-es-que

My grandpo would drive us around and talk about how all of this (La Tierra of northern New Mexico)
Was once the bottom of the Ocean

“Look at the sandstones, doesn’t it look like we are at the beach?”
All my life I found shells here and wondered how they were so far away from home
(Ocean = Home)

But this was their home, our home
We will always miss the ocean

And I will always miss you

- Mariposa Rosa

Maryssa will have her body of work 'Plebe Under Ocean', shown in Charlotte, North Carolina in the Goodyear Arts Space along with 8 other artists this July. 

The proceeds from the purchase of these shirts will help to fund Maryssa's travel and supplies in the creation of this work, and future work. This is a love letter to her home and heritage in Northern New Mexico. 

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