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KELLER FOREVER by lovers of Keller

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Keller created many beautiful pieces of art in her lifetime, so we wanted to make a shirt to commemorate what a badass woman and artist she was. Paintings, videos, weavings, Keller did it all with style and grace.

Megan Lane (@dangitttt) interpreted the shirt artwork from a weaving that Keller created. All proceeds from this shirt will be donated to Creative Action, an organization that Keller loved and worked at. From Dan Levine, Keller's amazing husband:
"Keller always wanted to be a high school art teacher and she worked hard to get her teacher's certification after her diagnosis and initial treatment in 2016. Her plans had to change, but when she started working at Creative Action I saw how passionate she was about art and teaching. 

Keller was placed in an under-resourced school district that had a really high turnover rate of creative action teachers. It seemed like a lot of the teachers before her didn't last two weeks before they'd quit or ask to switch schools. But Keller persevered and taught there for over a year, and she was on chemo the whole time. It was inspiring to see how hard she worked and she was devastated when she had to switch jobs due to her illness.

Creative Action was really supportive of Keller through everything and I know they were grateful to have her as a teacher. The work they do is a really important source of support for underprivileged children in Austin. Donating to them in Keller's memory would mean a lot."

  • Shirts are printed on 100% cotton unisex shirts
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