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*Between Us* by Calliope Musicals

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This preorder will end on April 25th, 2021. Your order will ship after this time.

~ * h e L L O ! this shirt is a celebration of the upcoming Calliope Musicals EP, *Between Us*, out 4/23 via Spaceflight Records.

shirt design is by Samantha Wendel (@dethscum) and features lyrics from each of the songs on the EP. it is also a universal player, meaning you can put it on your record player, stuff it into a CD player, or even cram it into a tape player and you'll get hi quality dolby sound performance at 420kHz of our hit EP, Between Us. if you buy one for a friend you'll be blest with 20 years of vegan, gluten free Big Macs delivered to your door at no charge by Iago from Aladdin.

open your mind and see the future!!! <3

background mockup photo by Jackson Montgomery Schwartz

  • Shirts are printed on 100% cotton unisex shirts
  • Due to the small size of our business, all sales are final.

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