Download Template for Photoshop (to follow along)
-Art Guidelines Template
-Digital Ink Swatches
-Shirt Mockup


File Type

File types that work best for screen printing are Photoshop (.psd) or Illustrator (.ai) documents sized for printing at 300 dpi with the color layers separated.
If your design was created traditionally instead of digitally, please send in a high-quality scan of your image at 300 dpi at print size.
*Programs like Procreate can be exported as a .psd file. If you can't export as a .psd or .ai then a high-res .png file with transparent background, or a .pdf also work.  

File Size

  • Resolution of 300 dpi or higher.
  • Standard print size is within 10” wide x 12” tall.
  • Max print size 12.5” wide x 14.5” tall.
  • Images with lower resolution (like web images which are 72 dpi) will be pixelated and fuzzy, and detail will be lost when it goes to print.
  • The smallest detail that can be reliably printed is 2x2 pixels at 300dpi.
  • Sleeve Prints size? Left Chest Size?   SLEEVES - 3 X 18"   
    LEFT CHEST - 3.5 X 3.5"

Art should be sized for print, with consideration for how it will look on a shirt. Meaning that when art is cropped to the edge it should match the size you want to print on the shirt. Eg: If you want your design to be printed 10" wide, the art file size when cropped to art edge would be 10” wide at 300dpi.
 *Tip: If you aren’t sure of the size you want, measure your favorite shirt with a ruler. You can also ask us for advice!

*Add screenshots for Photoshop, Illustator, Procreate File Setup.
*Also add shirt grid & explanation.

Using Layers for Each Color

The best and easiest practice is to use a new layer for each color. Eg: pink on one layer, green on another layer. 
If you use gradients, soft brushes, or lower opacity please put these on a separate layer from the flat colors. We will convert these layers into halftones.
Set your background layer to the shirt color so you can see how the design will look. Consider how the shirt color can be incorporated into your design.
Keep in mind each additional color increases the cost of the shirt, since each color needs its own screen. Many of our best selling designs are 1-2 colors.

*I think a gif showing the different layers on / off would be best.

Halftones / Soft Brush / Gradients / Etc.

Screen printing can only print solid areas, so halftones (solid dots) are used to replicate shading. Raw Paw will process halftone areas.

Please make sure areas that need to be halftones (like Soft Brush, Low Opacity, Gradients, etc.) are on a separate layer from lineart / solid fill colors, as it helps us when processing the art for print. *If you use a halftone brush, the brush must be solid pixels and on its own separate layer.

Sending File to Raw Paw in the Correct Format

Save your working file with color layers still separated; this helps us easily process the different ink colors for print. If you used an uncommon typeface please rasterize text (right click layer and select Rasterize Type) or send over the font file. For vector files (like Illustrator) please outline your fonts. 

Photoshop: File > Save As > Format: Photoshop

Procreate: Click the Wrench Icon > Share > Share Image > PSD
*Please note: Do not select one of the options under Share Layers as this will separate each layer into its own image, and the file will have to be reconstructed.
Illustrator: *Add this info. Ask if there is anything else specific needed for illustrator.  **Please outline text and strokes before sending over the artwork

Send your file to Raw Paw
Attach your art file when filling out the the drop ship submission form.
If your file is too big to attach, you can send us an email at with artwork attached or with a link to a Google Drive file.
*Please make sure Google Drive link sharing permissions are on and shared with us.

*Add images if needed. I think this would be more for procreate. But not sure if necessary if description is ok.



MARKETING TIPS. *This could also be a separate section.
What platforms & what works
Mockups (downloadable ones for them to use)
Examples of good marketing others have done with us

-Build anticipation around your shirt by posting on social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Post frequently in different formats to reinforce your preorder.
-Have your pre-order link in an easy to locate spot for customers (in your bio or LinkTree).
-Post on your Instagram grid and story.Tag @rawpaw on your story so we can share too!
-Post an explanation of your design.Create unique mock ups.-Create a short video promoting your preorder.
-Run an ad on Facebook or Instagram.When your preorder is about to end, update your audience with reminders “1 week left,” “1 day left,” etc.
-Remember to post as your authentic self. When you care about something, your audience will too!


This will be drop downs.


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