Submit your design to Raw Paw Drop Ship

We are always on the quest to create the highest quality shirt possible. This journey begins with you making an amazing design with screen printing in mind. Screen printing works by developing every color of a design into a screen that is then set up on our press by hand. There, ink is expertly pushed through to recreate the artwork. Check out design formatting below for a better understanding of ideal file format and how to prepare your design for print. Artists retain all rights to their artwork and make profit for every shirt sold.

The best way to design for screen printing is with an understanding of how the process works. This graphic shows how 1, 2, and 3 color layers of a design are layered on top of each other. Since screen printing requires each ink to get its own screen, the number of color layers in a print are based on screen count. Black and white would be included as ink colors. One of the best ways to design a screen print is with the shirt color in mind. The shirt color does not count as an ink color and can be used as any section of the design to break up space in the print.

Picking the right shirt and color is as much of an art as the design itself. Consider the shirt color as part of the design and use the negative space to enhance how the print lives on the shirt. Choose one or two shirt options using the same ink colors on both garments. Keep an eye out for seasonal specials where we add fun new options that you and your supporters will love.

Once you submit your design, our team will add the personal touch setting up your page and work with you to make sure everything looks great. Then you will be ready to launch your shirt design and creatively promote your work on social media and beyond. The preorders run for 3 weeks and all shirts go to production once the design sell 10 or more. If you would like to run your campaign for longer, we will print everything that sold up until that point and keep your page going. We are here to support your art and believe artists should get paid well for their creativity.