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Huey's Quest is an art game where creatives are encouraged to create a design based on a theme inspired by a fun short story set in a mystical world. Everyone who plays is eligible to win prizes, gain rewards, and earn real money by running a t-shirt preorder of their design on Raw Paw Drop Ship. There is something really special about artists working together to explore a theme through their unique perspective and we believe in creating opportunities for everyone to be paid for their creative work. 

  • Every player is entered into a raffle for $150 
  • Win a free shirt of your design after you sell 5 shirts 
  • Supporters of your design will receive a limited Huey Trading Card (while supplies last) 
  • Player who sells the most shirts wins a $250 bonus
  • Every player will earn a digital badge that can be displayed on future quests and will unlock bonuses! 
  • Select players will become featured artists and be spotlighted on our blog, social media, & gallery in Austin, Texas. 

Huey's Quest continues... 

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Players embarked on the Loop Breaker Quest on July the 27th in the year of 2021.
These noble adventurers used a special palette and explored the theme of "Loop Breaker" - using creativity to alter a thought cycle.  Click the image to read Huey's story and see the art that was created to help Huey break the loop. 

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