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Carpe Diem by Andrew P.

$ 26.00 USD


This design is part of the shirt design challenge Huey's Quest: Fruit of the Dragon that continues until February 22nd, 2023. This shirt is a preorder and will ship after the contest ends if the design reaches over 10 sales. If the design doesn't reach the minimum, all orders will be refunded. Let's support these artists so everyone has a successful quest! 

  • Shirts are printed on 100% cotton unisex shirts.
  • Due to the small size of our business, all sales are final.

  • Carpe Diem has become a worldwide metaphor for “Sieze the day,” an inspiring quote that encourages us to embrace life to its fullest, and be unrelenting in your pursuit for happiness.

    The Roman numerals MMXXIII represent the year 2023. It’s been a difficult few years for many of us, and with the new year having just rung in, I wanted to add a bit of hope in this piece. That by wearing it you may take 2023 and seize every bit of it. 

    This is an original design I custom created for this contest. Thank you for supporting me and my artwork!   -Andrew P.

    by Andrew P.

    Thank you for supporting the quest!