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Deathmates (Orange) by Dead Rosemary Blue

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From saturnine Southern Californian band Dead Rosemary Blue’s debut EP: Deathmates and inspired by lyrics from the eponymous track,
Now you too can experience the full ferocity of the apocalypse before the country squelches to a complete stop!!!Don’t have enough money or closet space ? Burn that pedestrian wardrobe of yours for heat and work a few double shifts!
We couldn’t ever be bothered to actually be cool with the metal scene, so we did the next best thing and laundered their style. With a prickly, visceral logo from San Diego tattoo artist Ricky Salinas, our long sleeve will have you pondering the deeper meaning of l-0-V-E in steez. Dual cadavers rest on opposing arms, eternally distanced by the fleshy space between (i.e.,you). Give your doggo a hug and end their lament. Behold! As both arms meet, locking the cadavers in an ephemeral embrace!

The back logo let’s you stick it to the man with the spiritual fortitude of Neo (the “one”, not the singer). While the front logo will help you get into the VIP section at Club Sabbat (when they finally allow for public intermingling sometime in 2027.)

So, there you have it: a fit with a sundry of free passes into social circles and another reason to be grateful we all have one another for emotional support this year. Please listen to Dead Rosemary Blue wherever you listen to music. We love you.

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