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Althea Rao

Firearms or Puffer Fish? by Althea Rao

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Firearms or puffer fish?

When Sir Robert Peel established the London Metropolitan Police, he set forth a number of principles, one of which being:”The police are the public and the public are the police.” What does this mean in today’s context, or should I ask, what kind of inspiration can we draw when we imagine the future of policing, or the future of making the public space safe and welcoming for all community members?

Research suggest that clothing has big impact on how people are perceived and perceive themselves - police officers and civilians included. Power, authorities, roles, agreement— should police uniforms be reimagined as well when we reimagine policing?

Do we want police officers to wear puffer fish sweatshirts instead of power-dressing uniforms?
Imagining “defund the police” and reinvesting money to community and social service is great place to start. However, we should also ask, after this “reform” and diversification of responsibilities, what would reduced policing look like? What are healthy levels of reliance on the police force to ensure public safety? What do we want the new roles of police in our life to be? How to standardize the use of force? How to rebuild trust between the police force and the community, and shift the “warrior” “enforcer” images to “guardian” and “protector”?

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