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Freedom Within by Niki
Freedom Within by Niki
Freedom Within by Niki

Freedom Within by Niki

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This preorder ended September 19th, 2021.
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In life, the mind can be our biggest trap, but it can also be our freedom- when we know how to navigate and respect our individual complexities- and is a source of power no one else can take away, through our knowledge and imaginations. This shirt is inspired by that multi-faceted nature and power of the mind, as represented by this adventure in Huey's Quest, and by my personal mental health experiences. I hope it serves as a visual reminder and representation that no matter what cages or traps you feel you're in, there is nothing you can't overcome; your mind is something that no one can take from you.

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This shirt is part of the game "Huey's Quest: Loop Breaker". A creative design challenge using a special color palette to explore the theme "Loop Breaker" - using creativity to alter a thought cycle.
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