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“I’m Confused” Turquoise Jeans - Brick by Brick

$ 72.00 USD

Brick by Brick is a collaborative project by Raw Paw and Oddballl Vintage, featuring a 10-piece collection of one-of-a-kind printed vintage garments.


Each item is completely unique, and features excerpts of “Brick by Brick”, a poem written by Chris Dock.


This pair of printed turquoise jeans includes the line from the poem, “I’m confused” on the back pockets with printed bricks on the legs. This a vintage garment with a modern printed design.


Size: S-M

Waist: 28 in.

Inseam: 30 in.


Photos by Jinni J @heyjinnij

Modeled by John Michael Sherry @listentosherry 



use code “pickup” to get in store at Raw Paw



Brick by Brick Party at Raw Paw on Friday, August 9th

Free and Open to All



"Brick by Brick"

Poem by Chris Dock




where do we start?

start what?


let’s focus on something

there is so much out there

pick, brick by brick

i’m confused

let’s be confused together


because that is where we start