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mucho mucho by Mariposa Rosa

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"Mucho Mucho” when first read and translated in English means “a lot, a lot” or “more, more”.
My late Aunt Linda Manzanares always would end phone calls with “I love you, Mucho Mucho”, when she passed my father began saying this to us after almost every interaction, with or without saying, “I love you”, but I knew what it meant to him. 

Mucho Mucho, to me, means more than this lifetime of love, Mucho Mucho is always and into the next life. 

The front photograph is taken in Cundiyo, New Mexico where my maternal aunt lives on the top of a mountain, near the Santa Cruz lake, and the back image is a found photograph of my paternal family dancing in Los Matachines, a traditional dance for the feast of Virgen de Guadalupe, all photographs taken in occupied Tewa land. 

“I am my home”, is for those from this little place in Northern New Mexico like I am. This shirt as a whole is a small love letter to that space, and the pride I take in being from there, especially now that I am living somewhere else. I carry my home with(in) me always, and Mucho Mucho. 
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