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Rot Dragon by Jzane Design

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This design is part of the shirt design challenge Huey's Quest: Fruit of the Dragon that continues until February 22nd, 2023. This shirt is a preorder and will ship after the contest ends if the design reaches over 10 sales. If the design doesn't reach the minimum, all orders will be refunded. Let's support these artists so everyone has a successful quest! 

  • Shirts are printed on 100% cotton unisex shirts.
  • Due to the small size of our business, all sales are final.

  • The rot-born dragon is a massive, fearsome creature with yellowish-green, mottled skin that seems to be rotting away. It has glowing yellow eyes and long, sharp claws, and its wings are tattered and frayed as if they have been eaten away by decay. The rot-born dragon is a creature of death and destruction, and it delights in causing chaos and devastation wherever it goes. It is highly resistant to damage, as its body is constantly regenerating and repairing itself. The rot-born dragon is a formidable and dangerous opponent, feared by all who encounter it.

    by Jzane Design

    Thank you for supporting the quest!