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The World Keeps Turning Long Sleeve

$ 35.00 USD

..... and turning and turning and turning! 

Printed with love, on a 100% cotton long sleeve shirt. 

Designed by Dylan Sutton @dyln_suttn

The World Keeps turning shirt was born out of the hope for a new day and is an ode to our earth that just keeps on going without hesitation. We first created this shirt + design at the end of 2019, and planned to have these out for you all in 2020 but for a moment there it felt as though the earth did stop turning.

With a full year's worth of experiences, we decided to put this shirt out as a way to celebrate all the life that is still left to live. We have also decided to donate 20% of the proceeds from these shirts to Free Lunch.

How lucky we are to live on planet Earth as it dances around the Sun, as we dance along with it, thank you for keeping our World Turning.