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Theory of Dragon Relativity by Evan Prekker

$ 26.00 USD


This design is part of the shirt design challenge Huey's Quest: Fruit of the Dragon that continues until February 22nd, 2023. This shirt is a preorder and will ship after the contest ends if the design reaches over 10 sales. If the design doesn't reach the minimum, all orders will be refunded. Let's support these artists so everyone has a successful quest! 

  • Shirts are printed on 100% cotton unisex shirts.
  • Due to the small size of our business, all sales are final.

  • This design is inspired by the mystery and beauty of the universe and the science that has allowed us to explore and understand space in new and exciting ways.

    Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity gave us the famous equation that is drawn on the tail of the space dragon. E=mc2 changed the world by redefining what we knew about space, time, and gravity. 

    I hope this design inspires interest in science and space, and reminds us that every once and awhile we should look up at the stars. 

    by Evan Prekker

    Thank you for supporting the quest!