Secrets of Earth Party

Secrets of Earth Party

Secrets of Earth Party

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You’re invited to the Secrets of Earth Party!

Saturday June 29th at Raw Paw 7pm – Midnight


A one night only immersive art experience by Chris Dock, featuring the artwork from his first book Secrets of Earth “Red Glass Sun”. There will be secrets, mind games, live music, free drinks, party surprises, and illuminations of fun.

The show is free and open to all with drinks provided by JuiceLand, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Waterloo Sparkling Water.

Performances by Monté of Hikes, Eyelid Kid, SOBBRS, Corduroi and Angie!

8 – 8:30 Angie
9 – 9:30 SOBBRS
10 – 10:30 Eyelid Kid
11 – 11:30 Monté of Hikes
Corduroi throughout

Prepare to see the unseen.

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Portrait of Chris Dock

Artist Statement:

Hi I’m Chris Dock and I wrote a book called Secrets of Earth inspired by near death experiences I have had. Have you ever wondered if there was an invisible world? There is! After a strange blue box arrived at my door, I found my way into another dimension where ideas, stories, and entities live. As I went in deeper, I wondered if I would ever make it back and if I did, would it even be me? Secrets of Earth “Red Glass Sun”

100 pages / illustrated fiction / paperback / published by Raw Paw

The book includes artworks by Blake Bohls, Kyle Carter, Jinni J, Nick Gregg, Lauren Griffin, and Chris Nordahl. Edited by D’Anna Siciliano, David Jewell, and Charlotte Keith.

Secrets of Earth coverSecrets of Earth illustrationSecrets of Earth illustration and textSecrets of Earth pagesSecrets of Earth back cover

Book available for order at:


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Poster by Jesus Acosta



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