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Raw Paw is a family of friends based in Austin, Texas screen printing fun, art-driven, ethically made clothing and goods for artists, businesses, and ourselves. We take an active role in our community by hosting events and workshops, buying wholesale goods, and acting as a creative agency. When you purchase an item from Raw Paw, you are breathing life into art and looking good while doing so. Let's print culture together!

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Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm

Phone: 512-522-5872 
Address: 506 E St Elmo Rd a3, Austin, TX 78745


We began in the early 2010’s in a broth of new talent, house shows, and poetry potlucks. In discovering what Raw Paw was, we became a poetry reading, a zine, a garage screen print shop, a house show art party, a book, a magazine, a publisher, a curator, a newspaper, a brand, a venue show art party, a music festival, a record label, a scene.

We then consolidated the snowball.

Now, we are a screen printing shop for artists and businesses while working as a team to create our dreams.