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Day vs Night is a shirt design challenge. Choose your team, Team Day or Team Night, and use the corresponding color scheme to design a t-shirt to be run as a preorder campaign. Free to enter, artists retain all the rights, and you will make money for every shirt that sells. The top sellers will win cash prizes and the winning team will be awarded a commemorative prize pack and eternal victory.

One submission per artist. Designs need to use one or two ink colors and be created with screen printing in mind. Select from the ink color palette and shirt options below. Designs do not need to be a literal take on the theme Day or Night, just represent the essence of the side you choose. Designs can be new or previously created artwork that has been modified to fit the challenge. Design for the front of the shirt only and consider the shirt color and how it can be incorporated. 

This challenge is equal parts design and marketing for artists. Designs must sell a minimum of 10 shirts to be sent to production. If designs do not reach 10, all orders will be refunded and will not count for the team totals. Shirt designs must remain unreleased until launch day. Previews and teasers for your design are encouraged as long as they don't show the full artwork.

Submit designs by the submission deadline Friday, September 22nd at Midnight CST. Design will go live on Launch Day Thursday, September 28th at Noon CST. The shirt challenge will last until Monday, November 6th at Midnight CST.

Join the Raw Paw Discord channel to share your work in progress and chat with other artists in the challenge. We believe in the power of art. We believe in creating ways for artists to make money for their creative pursuits. We believe in you in this battle of Day vs. Night!

Are you Team Day or Team Night? One submission per artist. Design can use 1 or 2 ink colors from the side you choose. Black and white are count as ink colors.

The shirt price for your campaign is dependent on the amount of colors in the design. A one color design sells for $24 and a two color design sells for $26.

One of the best ways to design for screen print is with the shirt color in mind. The shirt color does not count as an ink color and can be used to break up space in the design.  

The best way to design for screen printing is with an understanding of how the process works. This graphic shows how 1 and 2 color layers of a design are layered on top of each other. Each color of a design is turned into a screen. The screen is set up on our press and filled with ink. Then a squeegee is skillfully pushed over the screen, laying the ink onto the top of a shirt. Further colors are then layered on top. 

Black and white are included as ink colors. One of the best ways to design for screen print is with the shirt color in mind. The shirt color does not count as an ink color and can be used as any section of the design to break up space in the print.

Files that work best for screen printing are an Illustrator (.ai) or Photoshop (.psd) document sized for printing at 300 dpi with the color layers separated (.png, .jpeg, .pdf also work). For halftone images, please include the areas to be halftones in a separate layer. Front designs can be any size within 12.5 inches wide x 14.5 inches tall.

Download our Design Template here to create your design plus see examples and guidelines.

The winning team Day or Night will win a commemorative prize pack. Overall Best Seller wins a $500 prize and a trophy! Raw Paw crew members are encouraged to participate in the quest. If a Raw Paw crew member wins in any category, the prize will go to the next non-crew participant and the Raw Paw crew member will win an additional prize.  

Grand Prize is awarded to the overall best seller. The best seller does not have to be on the winning team neither does 2nd and 3rd place. All participants make money for every shirt sold.

The Benefactor Prize is for the supporter who purchases the most shirts from the Day vs Night collection. They will receive a $200 gift card to Raw Paw, a commemorative Day vs. Night prize pack, as well as be honored and promoted as a true benefactor of the arts.